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Traffic leading to a conversion.
The Problem

Why Accurate Attribution & Conversion Tracking?

Many businesses struggle to track the true sources of their leads and sales, leading to misinformed decisions and wasted marketing budgets.

You need what I call the 80/20 of marketing attribution:

  • First Touch Attribution

    This let's you see how a customer discovers you. Was it a Google Search, a Facebook Ad, etc...

  • Last Touch Attribution

    This let's you the last thing they did before converting. Maybe it was that awesome email you wrote.

  • Assisted Attribution

    This let's you see if the person saw any campaign, email or blog post before converting.

The Solution To The Rescue!

We give you everything you need to measure your marketing efforts in an easy to understand dashboard so you can grow your business.

With over 25 built-in reports, you get answers to these questions:

  • Where are the true traffic sources sales and leads?
  • Which site are referring the most sales?
  • Who are my best affiliates?
  • Which landing pages on my website lead to a conversion?
  • What ads are customers discovering me with?
  • Which blog posts are leading people to discover my website?
  • Which marketing channels are my best?
  • Are my emails leading to sales?
  • How long does it take for someone to make a purchase?
  • Which country, regions and cities are my buyers from?
  • How can I track my UTM Parameters?
  • And so much more...
Conversion Tracking to the rescue.

Problems We Solve

Does this sound like you? If so is your answer.

“How are you tracking which of your marketing efforts lead to revenue?
- This blog post led to this $$$ amount of revenue.
- YouTube as a referrer generated $$$ of revenue.
- Our SEO channel attracted X visitors, Y leads, Z number of customers, and $$$ total."

Justin Jackson

“Our first-touch attribution tracking is non-existent. Conversions are only attributed to the blog if trial starts happen within 30 min of landing on an article."

What the ADHD?

“A simple way to find more customers:
- Write an article for your website
- Share it on LinkedIn
- Tweet about it
- Put it on Quora
- Share it on IndieHackers
- Etc.
Set up UTM tracking.
Look at which channel brings in high-quality prospects.
Double down on that channel daily."

Justin Welsh

“Somehow i'm losing the initial referrer data in the paid signup event, would love to see that chart by revenue "

Aaron Edwards

“I am wanting to find specific orders that were purchased via a UTM e.g. utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term I can't find a way to do this. Is it possible? If so, how? "

Shopify User

“Is It Possible To Track The Originating Source Of My Orders? For example, I'd like to know if an order came from one our email campaigns and if so, which one. Similarly, I'd like to know if an order came from an external site."

Shopify User

“If user came from campaign and didn't buy anything, then came back later e.g. on next day but directly to the website without using ads - will the order be attributed to the last campaign or to organic?"

Shopify User

“Tracking Of The Order Origin Source. I have the various sources of ads, such affiliation, forum banners etc. Is there any tools that I can track their sources respectively? In order to know which ad-source brings in the order."

Shopify User

“How do you track where conversions are coming from? I have ads on Facebook, and have started a new Twitter ad campaign - is there a simple way to be sure of where the conversions are coming from?"

Thrivecart User

“Hey y'all, if I use UTM parameters in my emails in clickfunnels, where can I see those UTMs in CF to know which email/source made the sale of the product?"

ClickFunnels User

“Assisted Conversions in by Blog Posts. Looking to create a reports that shows me all the people that had an interaction with the blog and went on to purchase."

Reddit User

“If a user clicks on an ad with UTMs but does not convert, and goes back to our website after a few days on a new link with no UTM (meaning new session) they will be attributed as “direct” correct? How can we attribute this back to the original link? Is there a way?"

Reddit User

“Yesterday I sold a product in my webshop. I want to know if the person who bought came via google or bing or my instagram or whatever..."

Reddit User

See exactly where your Sales and Leads come from.

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