UTM Campaign Builder

Our UTM Campaign Builder is a free tool that helps you create UTM tracking codes for your marketing campaigns. UTM tracking codes are snippets of text that you add to the end of your URLs to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. By using UTM tracking codes, you can see which campaigns are driving traffic to your website, how visitors are interacting with your site, and which campaigns are generating the most leads or sales.

UTM Builder

The full website URL (e.g. https://www.example.com)
The source of traffic (e.g. google, facebook, newsletter)
The channel used to deliver the traffic. (e.g. ppc, affiliate, email)
Create a unique name for your campaign. (e.g. summer_sale)
Identify the paid keywords
Use to differentiate ads
Copy & paste this URL for your marketing campaign
💡 Pro Tip: It's important to use the correct UTM Medium parameter so Google Analytics will classify the Channel correctly. Below is a Channel cheat sheet. Use all lowercase and underscore or dashes for spaces for UTM parameters.

📊 Looking for a UTM Builder Spreadsheet

UTM Parameters Channel Groupings ( citation )
Paid Medium = "ppc", "retargeting" or "paid"
Display Medium = "display", "banner", "expandable", "interstitial" or "cpm"
Organic Shopping Campaign Name contains "shop" or "shopping"
Organic Social Medium = "social", "social-network", "social-media", "sm", "social network" or "social media"
Organic Video Medium = "video"
Organic Search Medium = "organic"
Referral Medium = "referral", "app" or "link"
Email Source or Medium = "email"
Affiliates Medium = "affiliate"
Audio Medium = "audio"
SMS Source or Medium = "sms"
Mobile Push Notifications Medium = "mobile", "notification" or "push"

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