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Easy to setup, easy to use. is the simplest way to track sales and leads.

Step 1

Add the Tracking Code

Add a small piece of code we provide to every page of your website to start tracking. We track the first inital source and the last touch before a conversion.

Traffic leading to a conversion.
Step 2

Optionally Track Forms

Add custom fields to your lead forms and we will automagically fill with attribution data to pass through to your CRM.

Traffic leading to a conversion.
Traffic leading to a conversion.
Step 2

Record the Conversion

When a sale or lead is converted, we record all the relevant marketing data: Referrer, Landing Page, UTM Parameters, etc...

Traffic leading to a conversion.
Step 3

View the Reports

We provide of 25 built-in reports all prioritized by revenue making it easy for you to analyze and optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Referral Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • UTM Campaigns
  • UTM Source
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source/Medium
  • UTM Term
  • UTM Content
  • Refs
  • Channels
  • Time to Purchase
  • Visits to Purchase
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Language
  • Browser
  • Device
  • Assisted Blog
  • Assisted Email
  • Assisted Campaign
  • Granular Conversion Details
  • And much more...

Other Features

You need to know where your sales and leads are coming from. We makes it easy.

Track Revenue Sources

Our realtime reports prioritize revenue over mere visits, aiming to maximize profit rather than simply counting site traffic. We offer over 25 user-friendly reports to help you know which levers can scale your business.

Organic & Ad Attribution

See first-touch, last-touch, and assisted attribution insights, allowing you to identify the initial source, what drives conversions, and the role of marketing campaigns in the purchasing process.

Aggregate & Granular Reports

Reports for referral, landing pages, blog, UTMS, channel, time to purchase, location, language, browser and device. Plus see the the first-touch, last-touch, and assisted details for each conversion.

Sharing & Exporting

Create password-protected links for sharing conversion tracking reports with your marketing team. Export data to CSV/Excel or integrate with your CRM via webhooks.

Emailed Reports

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports directly in your or team's inboxes, offering a quick overview of key statistics at a glance.

UTM Tracking & Manager

Our integrated UTM manager enables you to create, monitor, and organize all your UTMs, with the added convenience of notes to remind you of their placements.

Notes and Annotations

Track and Analyze Key Moments. Effortlessly monitor crucial events and gain insights into what strategies are effective and which ones need improvement.

Saved Filters

Streamline Monitoring - Save filters for campaigns, referrals, landing pages, and more, enabling quick and easy access to your preferred metrics.

Accurate Actionable Data

Our reports cut through the noise, offering actionable data designed to propel your business forward, free from distracting fluff or vanity metrics like bounce rates.

See exactly where your Sales and Leads come from.

Discover what drives your conversions and optimize your strategies with

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