Origin Story

Solo, mission driven and proud.

I'm John Turner from Charleston, SC. Since 2001, I've been creating online businesses. Throughout this journey, I've navigated the highs and lows, yet one insight has proven constant: You need to know where your sales are coming from.

When I started, I had no clue where my sales were coming from. I used to buy ads on Google and Yahoo when they were cheap, pennies. Times have changed! 😉

In an effort to see how my ads were performing I created a simple script to record the initial source of my traffic. With this information, I was able to see which ads worked and which ads did not.

Over time I have been tweaking and improving my script to show me which referring websites, landing pages, blog posts, UTM campaigns, and much more drive sales.

My mission now is to share this insightful way of conversion tracking with you to help you see where your sales are coming from so you can make more money.

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John Turner, Founder of ConversionTracking.com

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

John Turner, Founder of ConversionTracking.com
Quote by Peter Drucker.