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Conversion Tracking & Attribution Software for SliceWP

SliceWP is a comprehensive affiliate management plugin for WordPress, designed to help businesses create and manage their own affiliate programs with ease. It offers an intuitive interface, robust tracking capabilities, and seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms. lets you see exactly where your sales and leads are coming from without being a data nerd. 🤓

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Organic & Ad Attribution
Form Lead Source Tracking
UTM Parameters Tracking
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Works with SliceWP
Conversion tracking works with SliceWP
The Problem

Struggling with Attribution & Conversion Tracking with SliceWP?

Are you struggling to understand which of your marketing efforts are driving leads, conversions and revenue with SliceWP? I did as well, and that’s why I created – a powerful conversion tracking tool that helps you track and attribute conversions to the right sources.

You need what I call the 80/20 of marketing attribution:

  • First Touch Attribution

    This let's you see how a customer discovers you. Was it a Google Search, a Facebook Ad, etc...

  • Last Touch Attribution

    This let's you the last thing they did before converting. Maybe it was that awesome email you wrote.

  • Assisted Attribution

    This let's you see if the person saw any campaign, email or blog post before converting.

The Solution + SliceWP = Marketing Attribution Clarity!

We give you everything you need to measure your marketing efforts in an easy to understand dashboard so you can grow your business.

With over 25 built-in reports, you get answers to these questions:

  • Where are the true traffic sources sales and leads?
  • Which site are referring the most sales?
  • Who are my best affiliates?
  • Which landing pages on my website lead to a conversion?
  • What ads are customers discovering me with?
  • Which blog posts are leading people to discover my website?
  • Which marketing channels are my best?
  • Are my emails leading to sales?
  • How long does it take for someone to make a purchase?
  • Which country, regions and cities are my buyers from?
  • How can I track my UTM Parameters?
  • And so much more... + SliceWP = Marketing Attribution Clarity!
How Conversion Tracking with SliceWP
How It Works

Setup Attribution & Conversion Tracking with SliceWP

Add just a few lines of code to your website and start tracking of your leads and sales with SliceWP. It's super easy to setup and we have over 25 easy to understand reports.

  • Step 1: Add our tracking code to each page of your website to monitor the initial source and last touch before a conversion.
  • Step 2: Add custom fields to your lead forms to automatically capture attribution data for your CRM.
  • Step 3: Our script records the conversion on your thank you page, capturing all relevant marketing data like Referrer, Landing Page, and UTM Parameters when a sale converts.
  • Step 4: Access 25 revenue-prioritized reports to analyze and optimize your marketing, including Referral Websites, Landing Pages, UTM Campaigns, Channels, and more.

Use Cases for SliceWP with aims to simplify the complex process of conversion tracking for SliceWP and provide actionable insights that anyone can use to enhance their marketing performance and drive growth.

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