Understanding the Demographics Report

1. Country Column

The "Country" column lists the different countries from which your site’s visitors and customers originate. Each entry includes the name of the country and the flag for visual identification.

2. Count Column

The "Count" column shows the number of conversions attributed to visitors from each country during the selected date range. This helps you understand which countries are contributing the most conversions.

3. Total Column

The "Total" column displays the total revenue generated from each country. This helps you understand the monetary value of visitors from different countries.

4. Changing the View

You can click on the headings "Country," "Region," and "City" to change the view and see the performance of your site from different geographic perspectives. For example, clicking "Region" will show the performance of different regions within the countries, while clicking "City" will show performance by cities. Additionally, you can click on "Languages," "Browsers," and "Device" to see the performance of your site based on different languages, browsers used by visitors, and devices used to access your site.

Using the Demographics Report

1. Analyzing Geographic Performance

Review the list of countries to identify which regions are driving the most conversions. The countries are ranked based on the number of conversions and the revenue they generate.

2. Evaluating Geographic Effectiveness

Use the "Count" and "Total" columns to assess the effectiveness of different geographic regions. Identify which regions not only attract visitors but also contribute significantly to your revenue through conversions.

3. Changing Views for Detailed Insights

Click on "Country," "Region," "City," "Languages," "Browsers," or "Device" to change the view and gain detailed insights from different demographic levels. Analyzing different views can help you understand the performance from various angles and make informed decisions.

4. Taking Action

Focus your marketing efforts on high-performing regions by tailoring your marketing strategies to those areas. Consider improving or optimizing your marketing efforts in underperforming regions to increase their effectiveness.

By following these steps, you can effectively analyze and utilize the Demographics report on to optimize your geographic targeting and enhance your site’s performance. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, refer to the help section or contact support for more detailed guidance.