Accessing Webhooks Settings

1. Navigate to the Settings Page

Log in to ConversionTracking.com and find the relevant site Click on the settings icon to the right of the site name to open the site-specific settings.

2. Open Webhooks Settings

On the left-hand side menu, click on "Webhooks" to access the Webhooks Settings page.

Adding a New Webhook

1. Locate the Webhooks Section

The Webhooks section is at the center of the Webhooks Settings page.

2. Add a New Webhook

Enter a name for the webhook in the "Name" field. This could be the name of the service or integration you are connecting to (e.g., Zapier). Enter the URL for the webhook in the "URL" field. This is the endpoint that will receive the webhook notifications. Click the "Add Webhook" button to create the webhook.

3. View and Manage Webhooks

Once created, the webhook will appear in the list below with the name and URL. The actions available for each webhook include:

  • Delete Webhook: Click the trash icon to remove the webhook from the list.

By following these steps, you can effectively create and manage webhooks on ConversionTracking.com to integrate with third-party systems and automate your workflows. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, refer to the help section or contact support for more detailed guidance.

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