Notes & annotations

Adding a New Note

1. Navigate to the Notes Section

Log in to and go to the relevant site dashboard. At the bottom of the main graph, locate the "Notes" section.

2. Create a New Note

Click on the "+ Create new note" link located beneath the graph. A new note entry field will appear below the date selector.

3. Select the Date for the Note

Click on the date selector field to choose the date for which you want to add the note. Select the desired date from the calendar popup.

4. Enter the Note Content

In the provided text box, enter the content of your note. You can describe events, campaigns, or any significant activities that might have impacted your site's performance.

  • For example, you can write notes such as "Started website Earth Day sale" or "Ended website Earth Day sale".

5. Save the Note

After entering the note content, click the "Save" button to save the note. The note will be added to the selected date and displayed beneath the graph.

Viewing and Managing Notes

1. View Notes on the Graph

Notes are indicated on the graph with small icons on the respective dates. Hover over these icons to see the note details.

2. Delete a Note

To delete a note, click on the note text to edit, then click "Cancel" to remove the text and save the empty field.

3. Use Notes to Analyze Performance

Use notes to correlate specific events or changes with spikes or drops in revenue and visitors. This helps in understanding the impact of marketing campaigns, promotions, or other significant activities on your site's performance.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the notes feature on to keep track of important events and analyze their impact on your site's performance. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, refer to the help section or contact support for more detailed guidance.